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Building a Dock Across a Cypress Swamp // Expanded Living Space // Sanity During Quarantine

Hurricanes Matthew and Irma were the final blows to our dock. We gathered information, priced out supplies, and decided to have professionals build for us. Our savings by doing it “DIY” would be offset greatly by the time it would take us to build it, our aching backs, and lack of specialized equipment. We didn’t even realize the dock would save our sanity during quarantine.

Abandoned Houseboat on the St. Johns River // Derelict Vessel Woes // It Sunk at Our Dock

A houseboat has dragged anchor and landed next to our dock. It’s sunk, abandoned, and we can’t get rid of it. Formerly, it was someone’s home; their whole life encapsulated on the water. Romanticism aside, if we get another hurricane, it will damage our dock. Or, if it caught on fire, it could spread to our neighborhood. We’ve spent two years trying to get it removed.


A houseboat has landed next to our dock. It’s sunk, abandoned, and we can’t get rid of it. Over the last two years, we have contacted the county commissioners dozens of times, attended county commission meetings, and sought to have this derelict vessel removed from our property. While it looks kind of cute, it’s actually in pretty bad shape. It’s been ransacked, and it is full of plastic waste and rotten wood. Tarps have been disintegrating and falling in the St. Johns River, along with other plastic debris. It was moored out on an anchor that dragged more than once. Previously, it had broken loose of its mooring and damaged a neighbor’s dock.

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