How To Care For Your Expensive Cycling Clothing

There are plenty of articles about caring for your expensive cycling clothing, however, most are full of the basics. Machine wash gentle, do or don’t machine dry, wash soon after wearing; there are plenty of do’s and don’t’s for cleaning kits. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up that work for streamlining the cleaning process for your cycling kits.

My Cycling Helmet Can Call For Help // Specialized ANGi and Road ID

The past couple months of working from home has allowed me to venture out on my own for some cycling. Usually I ride with my husband, so I wanted a way to alert him and family if I were struck on my bicycle. We have always rode with a Road ID, the small metal plate on either a wristband or elsewhere with all pertinent information an emergency responder might need. But I wanted something that would alert my contacts immediately if I was hit on my bike.

Saddle Sore Solutions for Women // Cycling During Covid-19 // Increased Indoor and Outdoor Cycling // Cycle Booty to the Rescue!

I hope you never, ever need any help with saddle sores and chafing. But, if you do, here’s what I’ve tried and what I found that works for me. With working from home due to Covid-19, suddenly I had more daylight hours due to not commuting. I decided to devote that bonus time to improving my cycling speed, strength, and distance. More time in the saddle meant more discomfort from saddle sores. Here’s how I solved the problem with some great products from a female-formulated and operated Cycle Booty, as well as some other items that provided relief. I hope this helps you!

Counterfeit Tourniquet Are More Dangerous Than Improvised // I Confiscated Another One

I “confiscated” another counterfeit tourniquet. It upset me so badly that I put off writing about it for months. Strangely, I seem to have a nose for sniffing them out and identifying them for certain. However, the infuriating part is that I realized that people don’t understand how counterfeit tourniquets are actually more dangerous than improvised versions. So, I’m going to tell you a few more times.

Increased Cycling Speed and Distance Goals // Kicking It Up a Gear During the Pandemic // Necessary Tools

As the Covid Pandemic descended, my cycling partner and I halted all road cycling. Our thinking was that our need for exercise was less crucial than the need to keep health workers safe. If we became injured; we would put a burden on the system as well as potentially expose ourselves. However, I wanted to work on increased cycling speed and distance goals. For three months, we eschewed cycling. I think part of the avoidance was simply depression. We didn’t run, cycle, or do much involving power tools. Anything potentially dangerous, we avoided. Well, we reconsidered, weighed concerns, and we are back on the road now with increased cycling speed and distance goals.

Visiting Cuba // The Island of Doors // Beyond the Tourists

Just the word almost gives me chills – an island, the one island where I could not go. I have flown over it, sailed past it, cruised near it but never set foot on it. I was never free to openly visit. It seemed that door was closed, legally to me, until 2016. Actually, there were other doorways that could have led me to that door; flying through the Bahamas or Panama, but I chose to wait until it was legal. When I finally arrived, I sobbed.

The Summer I Got Poisoned by Chemical Sunscreen // Captain Kim Walther // Toxic Ingredients

I got poisoned by sunscreen; I know, it’s just bizarre, right? The very potion designed to protect me poisoned me brutally. Rudely. Summer before last, I was teaching sailing class. I was on the last day of a seven-day stint teaching in small open boats, and it had been hot, humid, and very bright. There is no shade on our keelboats. So, I wear a hat or visor, and sometimes, a long sleeved shirt.

Stream2Sea Love Letter & Haul // Physical Barrier for Ecoconscious Sun Protection // Neck Gaiters // Dive Buffs

Last week I was cruising one of my favorite websites, the Stream2Sea website just in case… just in case they had anything new in production. Well! Shocker! Neck gaiters, also called dive buffs, pocket sprayer of hand sanitizer, and gel hand sanitizer had snuck into the product line without my knowledge. I love that Stream2Sea promotes not only reef-safe sunscreen, but also some alternatives for supplementing sun exposure coverage and prevention.

Back 40 Urban Cafe // Great Food With a Social Consciousness // St. Augustine Florida

Our eternal quest for “off the chain” restaurants led us to Back 40 Urban Cafe in St. Augustine, Florida. Everyone we spoke to gave them glowing reviews – “the tacos!” – “the sandwiches!” – so we were eager to sample the menu, a mixture of Caribbean, vegetarian, and Tex-Mex. The results? We keep going back to Back 40 Urban Cafe every time we’re in St. Augustine!

Diving Blue Grotto // PADI Nitrox Class // Williston Florida

For a weekend PADI Nitrox class, we headed over to Willliston, Florida to dive at Blue Grotto where we could practice everything from gear checks to navigation to dive tables. With depths down to 100 feet, and a steady 72° degrees Fahrenheit all year long, it’s a popular spot. Divers need an Open Water certification to dive there, and dive instructors are invited to use the platforms at various depths for dive training exercises. Blue Grotto’s website says they are the largest clear water cavern located in the heart of freshwater spring country in Williston, Florida.

Americans Ready to Travel Domestically // 1966 Serro Scotty Sportsman Hilander // Retro Vintage Camping

June is National Camping month, and Americans really are desperate to travel. Camping in the backyard the last 12 weeks has been a fun diversion but now, I’m hearing more and more about people purchasing travel trailers and campers in order to travel domestically. Even formerly international YouTube travelers are joining the trend to keep their audiences satisfied with new content. Families have run through the “staycation” trend and are ready to hit the road this summer to salvage some type of family vacation in 2020. Quite by chance, I had the great fortune to have the opportunity to meet the cutest camper I have ever seen. It was a Serro Scotty Sportsman. According to the previous owner, the travel trailer is a 1966 Scotty Hilander, and her name is Rainbow. I predict vintage, retro campers will enjoy a resurge in popularity as travelers want a recreational vehicle as unique as they are. The allure of recycle / repurpose / renew / reinvent feels like it will allay our guilt over all the non-recyclables we’ve consumed these past three months. Now, let’s meet Rainbow and inspire your own recreational renovation!

Building a Dock Across a Cypress Swamp // Expanded Living Space // Sanity During Quarantine

Hurricanes Matthew and Irma were the final blows to our dock. We gathered information, priced out supplies, and decided to have professionals build for us. Our savings by doing it “DIY” would be offset greatly by the time it would take us to build it, our aching backs, and lack of specialized equipment. We didn’t even realize the dock would save our sanity during quarantine.

St. Augustine Lighthouse // Sunset Moonrise Celestial Event // Champagne Toast and Hors’d’Oeuvres

Once a month – just once – a very special evening event takes place at the St. Augustine, Florida Lighthouse. It’s a 360° event at 165 feet in the air, with horizon-to-horizon views. The spectacle occurs when the sun sets to the West over the Intracoastal Waterway, then the moon rises in the East over the Atlantic Ocean. This natural experience is like no other, and the views from the historic landmark make the monthly event extra celestial.

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