How to Organize a Tiny Closet Beautifully

If you have a tiny closet; don’t despair. With a few quick and easy swaps, it can become quite attractive and functional. With Marie Kondo, Swedish Death Cleaning, and now The Home Edit leading the way; we’ve learned that an attractive, organized space brings us happiness and saves time finding our belongings.

Teachers: How to Order Bleeding Control Kits With Classroom Supply Money

This year, you might notice you are not purchasing as much paper and supplies for your classroom. My students all have Chromebooks, and due to Covid, we are not handing papers back and forth. Over half of my students are enrolled in courses through a digital option. Even my pencil sharpener is stored away this year. Here’s your perfect opportunity to use some of your supply money for a decent bleeding control kit that will last you for years.

Cleaning Your Dive Gear When You Have A Tiny Bathroom

After diving, once you get home, next; it’s time to thoroughly rinse your gear, dry your gear, and take time to look it over for maintenance. If you have a small apartment with a small bathroom, don’t despair. Creative solutions go a long way to making your scuba diving gear cleaning possible. When you live in an apartment or small house that does not have a patio, porch, deck, or balcony, then your entire wash/dry operation has to happen indoors.

Your Saddle Sores Can Be Solved // Womens’ Cycling Common Issue

If you’re looking for a solution to saddle sores, I have to tell you it took me four years to find a solution. You’ve probably been down the same route – trying products for a couple weeks, enduring the trial period only to find no relief. I did the same thing, I even ordered anything I could find that might do the trick. Lucky for me, I found a solution designed for spinning cyclists – but it also works for road cycling.

Scuba Diving Equipment Forecast to 2026 Predicts 4% CAGR // This Dive Flag You Will Want Is Why

If you shore dive, you need a dive flag. Most of them are unwieldy and space-consuming. You are going to want one of these collapsible dive flags! I was looking for an umbrella in our garage and ran across a forgotten folded-up dive flag in a slim mesh bag. What a perfect idea – a collapsable dive flag that is light and small enough to take on any vacation anywhere! We’ve used the inflatable dive flag before, but this one is so much better, and I’ll tell you all the reasons why.

Hoarders, Maria Kondo, and The Home Edit // Inspiration For You to Declutter and Organize

I caught the bug, and I caught it bad. A couple years ago, I needed some inspiration to sort out our belongings when we moved out of our home due to hurricane damage. That was easy; having to move things several times makes you hone down to what you really need. Then came Marie Kondo, and I further slashed down to what I really loved. Next was Covid, bingewatching Netflix, and “The Home Edit” showing us how to make what we love look organized and attractive. Throw in a couple episodes of “Hoarders,” and you too will be tearing your home apart!

My First Published Sailing Article // Kim Goes Foreign // 1975 Bahamas Trip

In grade school, I was staff on every school newspaper through high school. I’ve always liked to write, and in 1977, I submitted an article about cruising the Bahamas to the sailing giant magazine “Cruising World.” They published it, and a lifetime of writing has followed. At the time I wrote it, I was eight years old. This year marks 45 years of writing for me, and I still love it. For fun, here’s that early article, my “Throwback Thursday.”

The First Trip You Might Want To Take After Covid // Scuba Diving at Wikkid Resort // Roatan, Honduras

You’re jonesing to go diving. I can relate to your impatience. After five months of going nowhere except a no-contact trip to the grocery every eight weeks to have food dumped into the bed of my truck, and four weeks back to work in person; I’m ready to start planning our first Post-Covid scuba diving trip just like you probably are. It might not happen for over a year, but usually we plan about six major trips a year. The place I’m yearning to spend some time in the most gorgeous spot; Roatan, Honduras, specifically, Wikkid Resort!

Resuscitating Your Foul Weather Gear Quickly // Waterproofing Outdoor Wear

Here’s how you can protect your foul weather gear. My foul weather gear is so important to me; it keeps me dry, comfortable, and safe while sailing. It’s also an expensive investment. I decided I wanted to extend the life of my foul weather gear, and resuscitate an older jacket as a backup for really wet days when I need to swap out damp gear.

How To Care For Your Expensive Cycling Clothing

There are plenty of articles about caring for your expensive cycling clothing, however, most are full of the basics. Machine wash gentle, do or don’t machine dry, wash soon after wearing; there are plenty of do’s and don’t’s for cleaning kits. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up that work for streamlining the cleaning process for your cycling kits.

Your Cycling Helmet Can Call For Help // Specialized ANGi and Road ID

The past couple months of working from home has allowed me to venture out on my own for some cycling. Usually I ride with my husband, so I wanted a way to alert him and family if I were struck on my bicycle. We have always rode with a Road ID, the small metal plate on either a wristband or elsewhere with all pertinent information an emergency responder might need. But I wanted something that would alert my contacts immediately if I was hit on my bike.

Saddle Sore Solutions for Women // Cycling During Covid-19 // Increased Indoor and Outdoor Cycling // Cycle Booty to the Rescue!

I hope you never, ever need any help with saddle sores and chafing. But, if you do, here’s what I’ve tried and what I found that works for me. With working from home due to Covid-19, suddenly I had more daylight hours due to not commuting. I decided to devote that bonus time to improving my cycling speed, strength, and distance. More time in the saddle meant more discomfort from saddle sores. Here’s how I solved the problem with some great products from a female-formulated and operated Cycle Booty, as well as some other items that provided relief. I hope this helps you!

Counterfeit Tourniquet Are More Dangerous Than Improvised // I Confiscated Another One

I “confiscated” another counterfeit tourniquet. It upset me so badly that I put off writing about it for months. Strangely, I seem to have a nose for sniffing them out and identifying them for certain. However, the infuriating part is that I realized that people don’t understand how counterfeit tourniquets are actually more dangerous than improvised versions. So, I’m going to tell you a few more times.

Increased Cycling Speed and Distance Goals // Kicking It Up a Gear During the Pandemic // Necessary Tools

As the Covid Pandemic descended, my cycling partner and I halted all road cycling. Our thinking was that our need for exercise was less crucial than the need to keep health workers safe. If we became injured; we would put a burden on the system as well as potentially expose ourselves. However, I wanted to work on increased cycling speed and distance goals. For three months, we eschewed cycling. I think part of the avoidance was simply depression. We didn’t run, cycle, or do much involving power tools. Anything potentially dangerous, we avoided. Well, we reconsidered, weighed concerns, and we are back on the road now with increased cycling speed and distance goals.

Visiting Cuba // The Island of Doors // Beyond the Tourists

Just the word almost gives me chills – an island, the one island where I could not go. I have flown over it, sailed past it, cruised near it but never set foot on it. I was never free to openly visit. It seemed that door was closed, legally to me, until 2016. Actually, there were other doorways that could have led me to that door; flying through the Bahamas or Panama, but I chose to wait until it was legal. When I finally arrived, I sobbed.

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